The team of the Studio di Odontoiatria Ricostruttiva, made by four specialists, ensures its patients expertise and performances of high quality, thanks to a specific knowledge and the use of an ultra-modern technology.

The rehabilitation of aesthetic and functional cases is put in act following operating protocols, with visible results before starting therapies, thanks to the involving of the most modern digital technology.

The management of the clinical cases is customized: it’s made following the expectations of the patients and developing a detailed treatment plan, after a careful examination necessary to a correct diagnosis.

Our specialists keep a high level of scientific adjournment: they are known at national and international level as authors of articles for the most important scientific journals. They are also speakers at training courses and at scientific conferences.




The main goal of the studio is long-term quality. To obtain this, our specialists make use of specific competences in every branch, of the finest medical technologies and of instruments and materials of high level.

They propose a personalized approach about the anaesthesia techniques, which allow a complete control of pain and of anxiety, making the therapy more relaxing. If the complexity of surgery needs general anaesthesia we can count on a long partnership with some of the best Roman medical clinics.

The invisible orthodontics allows to resolve the greatest part of cases of crowding of teeth and malocclusion, without discomfort for the patients.

In every case in which magnification is necessary to make therapies with the maximum precision, our specialists make use of the operating microscope. In this way they are able to work on cases on which it was impossible to work before.

The studio is equipped with an advanced system for Piezoelectric Surgery, that represents one of the newest evolution in the field of surgical instrumentation and that allows to reduce the intraoperative and postoperative discomfort , in case of oral and implant surgery.

In some cases doctors make use of a 3D navigation system, that make possible the integration of an osseointegrated implant without cutting the soft tissues and that allows also to reduce the surgical trauma at minimum and to realize in advance temporary restorations that can be now immediately delivered on newly inserted implants (see also FAQ).

Medical records are completely digitalized and electronically filed.

Sterilization is centralized and controlled by qualified staff who makes use of ultra-modern technologies to ensure always bacteriologically controlled conditions.


Being socially responsible means to put ethical and correct behaviors into act, beyond simple respect of the law.

It means to be conscious to exist and to operate inside a net of people we are constantly in relation with.

The Studio di Odontoiatria Ricostruttiva shares the Code of Ethics of Fnomceo (Federazione Nazionale degli Ordini dei Medici Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri) and the Dental Hygiene Code of Ethics of the UNID (Unione Nazionale Igienisti Dentali).

Social, environmental and ethical commitments of our studio is directed not only to the creation of value in terms of benefits for the patients, but also for the society in which we work.

The Studio di Odontoiatria Ricostruttiva works in full respect of the rights of its collaborators and it warrants the workplace safety and health for its employees, as provided by the Italian laws 81/08 and 106/09.

With the purpose to create awareness and with the desire to do something good for the environment, the Studio di Odontoiatria Ricostruttiva has decided to take part in the project Zero Impact Web, to oppose the global heating reducing CO2 emissions generated from the use of Internet.

Thanks to this initiative it has been possible to compensate the emissions produced by our website with the creation and the guardianship of growing forests in Costa Rica.